Frequently Asked Questions

Does the license include the composition, the sound recording, or both?

The license includes both the composition or work (melody, lyrics) and the sound recording (the vocal performance and file). For more information about the difference of a composition and a sound recording, check out this explanation by TuneCore

What does the license cover?

The license transfers to you the right to exploit the composition and recording in any way you see fit. You are entitled to use the provided vocal, have the song performed by another singer, print the lyrics and melody on a music sheet, perform the song live, sell licenses of the song to third parties, sync the song to a movie or TV ad, rearrange the song, remix or license others to remix it, etc.

What are royalty payments?

As with any song license, the songwriter (myself) is entitled to royalties when the song is released and generates income. There are two types of royalties.

The first royalty type must be paid directly by you or the record label. My rate is 25% on Net Receipts, that is income after costs and other deductions. This includes record sales, third party licenses, mechanical rights royalties, sync rights royalties, sheet music royalties, and any other royalties or payments associated with the song. This royalty payment is subject to recoupment of the advance license fee, meaning that you will only have to make royalty payments after you have fully recouped the initial license fee.

The second type is the writer’s share of public performance income collected and distributed by Public Performance Rights Organizations. Since a producer will be involved to complete the song, I will get 50% of the songwriter’s income stream generated from public performance rights. This will be paid to me directly from the Performance Rights Organization. If two or more producers/ writers are involved, I will get 50% of the songwriter’s income stream, and the producers must decide on how to split the remaining 50%

Do you license the same song to more than one people?

No. When a song is sold it is removed from the website and I cannot license it again to another party. You buy the exclusive license to use the song.

Can the license be revoked?

I cannot revoke a license at wish. However, if you do not make royalty payments or if you do break the contract terms, your license will be terminated as per the contract terms.

What happens if I don’t publish the song?

The main way songs generate income for songwriters is through royalties. If you do not intend to publish the song and exploit it, then please do not buy the license. Once you buy a license you will have 2 years from the contract date to finish and publish the song. If you decide to not publish the song within this 2-year period, then I have the right to revoke the license by providing a 60-day notice.

What is the license/ payment process?

I send the agreement for you to review. If you approve, I will issue a PayPal invoice for that specific agreement and song to be paid by you. After you pay the invoice, you will receive an emailed PDF copy of the contract which you must sign, scan and email back to me. Once I get your signed copy, I will send you a Dropbox download link that will include the contract (also signed by me) and the vocal stems in WAVE format (usually 24bit, 44Khz). The license transfer is completed when you mail by post two signed copies of the agreement to my address and I sign both agreements and return one back to your address.

How long does the license last?

The “Rights period” is for life which is defined as the life of the writer (myself) plus 70 years. This is the maximum time a copyright can last. After this period, the copyright enters the public domain.

What geographies does the license cover?

The world.

Can I re-license the song?

Yes, you are 100% free to license the composition or sound recording to a third party, license your derivative works, issue licenses for covers or sync licenses for advertisements or soundtracks, etc.

Can I return or exchange a vocal?

I mainly generate income from royalty payments; therefore, if you do not intend to produce and release a song this is also bad news for me. In general, I want to avoid this scenario so I will not issue a license to somebody that is unlikely to be able to produce a quality product. Normally, if you license a song and then you decide that you will not finish it, I would consider issuing a refund and cancelling the license; however, this would create an incentive for more people to give up on producing a finished product. Therefore, I am afraid I cannot accept refunds.

Does the license include the accompanying instrumental?

Although every instrumental behind a vocal track is 100% unique and created for the singer to perform that particular song, the license does not include the instrumental. I will only be sending you the vocal tracks in WAVE format.

Does the license include the accompanying graphics?

No, it does not.

Can I use the songwriter’s name in the song title?

You cannot use my name without prior permission; however, you must give me credit as the songwriter in the credits of the song. If you are very keen on including my name, then we will have to discuss my involvement in the production process so as to ensure that the finished product is a partial reflection of my artistic identity.

Can I use the singer’s name in the song title?

This is up to the individual singer. Some singers are OK with this and some others are not. Singers may not want to associate their name with a particular piece in order to maintain their artistic identity. Please do NOT assume you will be able to use the singer’s name without having asked them first.

Can I buy a non-exclusive license?

No, I only offer exclusive licensing.

Why are there are no songs available for preview in the portfolio?

Sometimes there will be no stock of new songs left. Keep checking back or sign up using the bar at the bottom of this page to be informed when new songs are added to the portfolio.

Can I see the contract?

I can send you the contract template if you are seriously interested in licensing a song.