Exclusive composition and recording licenses

Exclusive licenses for vocals, songs, compositions, and lyrics

DJs, Producers, Remixers, Solo Artists, Bands, Record Labels, Managers

You can license any song in the Portfolio to use exclusively in your productions under your name. The song will then be removed from the website, and you can do as you wish with it.

Your license is

Nobody else will be able to buy the same song
You get all rights (mechanical, performance, sync, etc.) to both the composition (music, lyrics) and the vocal recording
You own the rights to the song for the life of the copyright*

You pay

Advance license fee of $290 – $890, depending on the song
Royalties of 25% on Net Receipts (income after costs) after you have recouped the advance fee

You receive

The WAVE files (usually 24bit, 48kHz) that contain the vocals, and any doubles, harmonies, or adlibs

A signed contract with your rights and responsibilities

Lyrics sheet, song tempo and key, and singer information where available

To license a song, use the Portfolio to select your title (you can only license NEW titles), and then contact me with your info.

Questions? click here.

* When you buy a license you agree that you will publish the song within a two year period. If you do not publish the song, then the license will become void. This is to ensure that each song’s potential is exploited. If you are not sure you are going to produce and publish a song, then please do not buy it.